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ONENESS – On-line less used and less taught language course

This course is created for those who want to start learning Estonian, Finish, Lithuanian, Polish or Portuguese languages.
The course aims at teaching the less used European languages, at forming minimal communicative competence of the target language and at introducing the target country and its culture.
The course of each language is made of 10 lessons that consist of several parts.

Each lesson has:
- A short grammar introduction with explicit explanations (Language School, Grammar);
- A lesson's dictionary (Language School, Vocabulary);
- A phrase set (Language School, Speaking);
- Exercises to develop language usage competence (Language School, Exercises);
- A short socio-cultural introduction to the country that is thematically related to the lesson (Information center).

To make it easier to learn the target language there is the Library where a user can find the course Dictionary, grammatical information (Grammar), phrases of expression of all communicative intentions (Common phrases) and the Phonetics' Lab.
An interactive language game is given as a special test (Entertainment Park). By completing the tasks in it a user will be able to check his/her progress in language learning.
There is also a space for user communication (Internet Cafe).

We are happy that you want to learn languages and wish you good luck.